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Trees when pruned when can looking charming and properly trimmed trees enhances the beauty of your property and other trees nearby. Tree pruning can also avert chances of a tree branch breaking due to severe wind storms and monsoon tree damage.

We have all of this done for you correctly the first time. Our tree trimming  follows the guidelines of all A300 ANSI tree trimming standards, which are created by top botanists and arborists. We are certified tree trimmers in Chandler that use the proper and up to date tools and trimming methods to trim your trees professionally and correctly.

You may be able to find  landscape maintenance crews with  tree cutting tools who will do tree trimming in the suburbs of Phoenix. But most are not certified or trained in desert tree trimming methods. These untrained landscape workers often damage trees by trimming them in an improper way, which may significantly damage your whole tree.

Trimming trees is an important activity that requires training, experience and skill. Tree cutting and pruning is certainly not only important for the health of the trees, it is additionally essential to trim and thin trees at regular intervals so they perform well in wind storms, especially in the monsoon season where many trees are damaged. A non trimmed tree will make your landscape look bad and will also hide the beauty hidden within a well trimmed tree. Many trees fall in the monsoon seasons in Chandler and that is what brings the need of a tree trimming expert that can take care of all your tree trimming and tree pruning needs.

That is why it is not good to call non certified tree trimmers. Chandler Trees will make your trees beautiful, healthy and much more storm proof. We provide tree trimming and pruning services at very reasonable charges.

Citrus Tree Trimming

Perhaps one of the most common trees in the Phoenix are the citrus tree which thrive when given enough water and a lot of sun. We will make sure that your citrus trees or other fruit trees are not over trimmed, which can cause damage to the tree.

If you are seeking the best health and harvest out of your trees, then call Chandler Trees, we will provide you with all your citrus tree trimming and pruning solutions. We make sure that your trees last long and are pruned in the right manner, with the help of our professional staff and latest tech.

Citrus Tree Trimming

Why is Topping Trees NOT Good?

It is very important to prune the side and inner branches of trees skillfully as it can damage the tree if not done properly. The top canopy provides shading from the intense sun here in the valley, which will in turn keeps your trees protected.  If the top canopy is trimmed the tree will try and regrow the top canopy as fast as possible to keep itself protected from the sun. The problem is that fast tree branch growth is usually weaker growth. This means the new branches are more likely to break in the monsoon season. So it is important for you to prune in the right way.

 Call us now for all your tree cutting and pruning needs and we will make sure that our crown restoration process is done just the right way, which will significantly reduce the risk of severe tree damage.
Damaged AZ Trees
Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Tree Trimming and Skinning

Chandler and the surrounding areas are full of palm trees as they bring an extravagant look to our neighborhoods and gives a cool, tropical look to the Arizona desert. Most often the outer layers of your palm trees go dead and they leave a bad look to your environment. Palm trees are very water hungry and they need the correct water ratio to look great.

Give us a call so we can remove seed pods that fall inside your swimming pool and all over your lawn. We will also make sure that your palm tree beards are trimmed, which will in return enhance the beauty of your palm trees.

Call us today to perform our top quality assurance that your trees will be pruned and trimmed in a professional way.