Probably the best saying about caring for your tree is that “Prevention is better than cure”. The reason being the old trees when kept unhealthy will will be twice as harmful for the environment. Keeping them in shape is easy and much needed for the ecosystem to work properly.

You can easily replace your hundred years old tree with a new one, more or less of the same size. But that could be costly at times and at times the possibility of replacing these elderly trees is nearly unedurable.

But you can try mainting these trees in a worthwile manner, maintaining these trees in a proper manner. It could get much more pricey if you do not maintain your trees properly and time to time.

By preserving trees you can escape with:

– Costly repairs from storm damages
– Avoid getting notices from your Local City Office
– Avoid getting notices from the HOA
– Troubled connectivity with next-door neighbors due to rotten tree smell
– Pathway harm coming from the tree’s origin
– Damaged cement due to bad roots
– Damage of base structure due to ugly root base
– Treat treas with disease
– Keep you away from hefty charges from tree replacement

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– Booking a tree trimming and pruning appointment.
– Evaluating your water cost
– Assessing the problems with fertilization
– Evaluating the symptoms of pest invasions and how to avoid it
– Ground soil studies, testing PH levels, having nutrient studies
– For profound trees, water them deeply and take more time to water them compared to new trees.
– Water new trees regularly, sometimes even earlier than 5 times a week, due to summer heat
– Make sure you maintain the decayed stone a bit above than ground level. This will make sure that your tree hold moisture well within the group.
– Comply with local laws and trim your trees accordingly. We will make sure of that!

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Tree Cabling and Bracing -- Keeping the strong structure of your tree intact!

We specialize in keeping your trea healthier and well-balanced. We make sure that your trees doesnt blow away with high winds and harsh gales. Have you ever taken your tree for granted? Do you know how to take care of your trees when they start becoming pale? Just give us a call and we will provide you will all tree solutions, any minimal prices.

Do you have a fear of your tree falling down at any time? Or do you feel its danger? You can share these matters with us so we can provide you with proper bracing support and avoid a dent on your structure and the tree itself.

We are experts in evaluating any further damage and will suggest you many ways to keep your tree giving you the type of shade you want. We can also suggest you to try thining the trees which will tilting and dragging effects on your tree, due to high gales and extremely windy weather.